Guidelines for Contributors

ECO-CHRONICLE (ISSN: 0973-4155), a quarterly journal dealing with multidisciplinary aspects of Environmental and Social Sciences, invites quality oriented research papers with great scientific accuracy and social significance. Submission of an article will be held to imply that it has not been previously published and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere; and further, if accepted, it will not be published elsewhere.

Papers should be original, clear and concise and should contain important research results / findings that are novel and of fairly broad scientific interest. They should fall in any of the two categories (1) Full communication, not exceeding 4000 words and (2) Brief communication, not exceeding 1500 words and (3) Review papers.

Manuscripts (English) should be typed in double space on A4 sized paper leaving enough margins on all sides (Microsoft word, Times New Roman, size 12). Manuscripts for full communication should contain (1) Abstract (2) Introduction (3) Materials and Methods (4) Results and Discussion (5) Summary and Conclusion and (6) References. Brief communication should be in running form with references added at the end. All categories of papers must be headed by the author’s name and address below the main title. The title should be brief, specific and amenable to indexing. Not more than five key words should be included. Abstract, Summary and conclusion have to be precise and should convey only the essence of the paper. Photographs should be of high quality. Tables, charts, line drawings, figures etc., should be embedded in the manuscript at the appropriate place for the sake of completeness. All pages should be numbered consecutively, starting with the title page and through the text, tables, figures and reference list. All symbols and abbreviations must be defined properly. Units of measure should be SI. Footnotes and acknowledgements, if any, should be precise. References should include only publications cited in the text. They should be arranged alphabetically and the following pattern can be followed.

Bini Sam and Kathirvel, K., 2006. Effect of power tiller vibrations on operator, Eco-chronicle, 1 (2), pp: 67 – 72.
Constantine, G., in Biology of Bats (ed. Wimsatt, W.A.), Academic Press, New York. 1970. Col 1, pp: 319 – 322.

Manuscripts received will be sent for detailed review. Corresponding author will be notified of acceptance,rejection or need for revision of papers. Proof will also be mailed to the corresponding author for final concurrence and it should be returned to the Editor within the specified time limit. Soft copy of the research paper (prepared in Microsoft word with photographs and figures in jpg or tiff format and graphs in xls format), should be mailed to the Chief Editor ( / A copyright agreement (format available in the link Policy / Agreement) signed by all authors should accompany the manuscript. All editorial communication can be in the following address:

Dr. C.C. Harilal
Division of Environmental Science
Department of Botany, University of Calicut
Malappuram District, Kerlala – 673 635, India.
Mob: 09447956226