Policy / Agreement

Ethics policy
The chief goal of our policy is to detail the ethical responsibilities of our authors, editors and reviewers and to maintain the scholarly integrity of our journal and its content. We expect all our stakeholders to read and understand our ethics policy before submitting an article to our journal. This is in accordance with our commitment to the prevention of ethical misconducts like plagiarism, redundant publication, fabrication or misuse of data, copyright infringement, authorial disputes, which are becoming major issues in academic and professional publications. For more details concerning ethics policy, mail to: ecochronicle@yahoo.co.in. Some of the prime policies are:

Peer-review and publication policy
The journal adheres to peer review process, where both authors and reviewers remain anonymous throughout the process. Every article received for publication will be subjected to an initial review for assessing its viability with respect to the editorial policies and quality standards. Papers agreeing to such policies and standards will be submitted to two experts for review process, concealing the identity of author/s from the manuscript. Based on reviewers’ comments, the editorial board makes a final decision on the acceptability of the manuscript and communicates to the authors, along with referees’ reports. Final acceptance is based on the satisfactory response of the authors to the comments of reviewers.

Policy on plagiarism
The Journal checks plagiarism of submitted paper through open source software (Plagiarism checker X version 5.1.5). The journal dismisses articles having high extent of plagiarism than the stipulated level, from further processing.

Policy on retraction of articles
The Journal follows guidelines of the Committee On Publication Ethics (COPE) for Retraction of Articles. For further details concerning the policy, log on to: http://publicationethics.org/files/retraction%20guidelines.pdf

Copyright agreement
The manuscript submitted to ECO CHRONICLE should contain an undertaking cum copyright transfer form, attested by all the authors. Also details concerning main author / corresponding author / co-author etc. must also be marked in the undertaking / copyright transfer form.