vol 3 no 1 (March 2008)

Seasonal variation of groundwater nitrate in Jayamangali sub-basin, Karnataka.
Neelakantarama, J.M., Vajrappa, H.C., Shyamala, N. and Shivananda Swamy, B.N.

Physico-chemical parameters of lower reaches of two rivers from central Kerala.
Prasad, G., Anvar Ali, P.H. and Renu Philip.

Studies on ecological degradation in Dal Lake.
Tiwari, S.C. and Mubashir Dewani.

Ground water investigations in the hard rock region of Gandhilam river basin, Tamil Nadu.
Aravindan, S., Rajendran, S., Manivel, M., Shankar, K. and Bhuvaneshwari, M.

GIS based road network analysis in Coimbatore Corporation, Tamil Nadu, India.
Sorna Chandra Devadas, C. and Prince Arul Raj, G.

The influence of chemical composition on flyash – cement composite.
Sivakumar, G., Mohanraj, K., Senthilmurugan, S., Nithya, R. and Barathan, S.

A qualitative assessment of ground water as a source of drinking water – A case study of Chhoti Narmada Water shed, Chhatissgarh, India.
Misra, B.K., Nathawat, M.S. and Gautam, N.C.

Marine mycoflora of Pondicherry and Mahe.
Gayatri, R. Nambiar and Raveendran, K.

Population studies and threat status of Nardostachys jatamansi (D.Don) D.C. in Sikkam Himalayas
Pranay Bantawa and Ritu Rai.

A panoramic study of the land – use in Tamil Nadu.
Usha Nandhini, S., Shibi Sebastian and Geetha Devi, N.

Studies on the effect of certain non-transition elements in the development of photosynthetic pigments in plants.
Bindu P. Nair, Girish Kumar, E. and Harilal C.C.

Plants: A solution for air pollution.
Senthamizh Selvi, B., Vijayalatha, K.R., Ponnuswami, V. and Saraswathi, T.

Value perspecitves of females in school education in Andhra Pradesh.
Pulla Rao, D.

Organic agricultural practices for the benefit of farmers and mankind.
Sarma, V.V.


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